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CravoZap Syrup

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CravoZap Syrup Homeopathic Medicine

Appetite Syrup

The loss of appetite is known as Anorexia. There are various causes for the loss of appetite. Some causes are psychological in nature and include stress, grief and anxiety disorders. Other causes may be bacterial or viral infections. Diseases like hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis, and cancer can also lead to the loss of appetite. Certain medications and drug addictions also cause Anorexia. Another significant reason for the loss of appetite is Anorexia Nervosa. 


Loss of appetite, medically known as anorexia, can be caused by various underlying medical conditions. Some common medical conditions associated with loss of appetite include: Gastrointestinal disorders, Chronic diseases, Endocrine disorders, Infectious diseases, Neurological disorders, Medications, Dental or oral health problems. 


Medicinal treatment for loss of appetite, also known as anorexia, depends on the underlying cause of the condition. Prokinetic agents, Appetite stimulants, Nutritional supplements etc. 

In homeopathy, the approach to treating loss of appetite, or anorexia, is to identify and address the underlying cause of the condition while considering the individual's unique symptoms and constitution. 


Alfalfa, Avena Sat, Cinchona officinalis, Chelidonium majus, Hydrastis canadensis, Carica papaya, Pulsatilla nigricans


CRAVOZAP is specially formulated to address the key aspects of anorexia. It increases appetite. Improve digestion. Help gaining weight. Fight anorexia nervosa. 


The intake of CRAVOZAP is advised to be determined by a qualified homeopathic medical practitioner to ensure personalized treatment tailored to individual needs. Alternatively, a general recommendation suggests adult:2 teaspoonfuls two to three times daily, child: 1 teaspoonful two to three times daily. 


Pack size: 100ml

Frequently Asked Questions

The loss of appetite is known as Anorexia.

Common symptoms of Anorexia include Gastrointestinal disorders, Chronic diseases, Endocrine disorders, Infectious diseases, Neurological disorders, Medications, Dental or oral health problems.

CravoZap Syrup is a homoeopathic combination medicine formulated by Dr. N. K. Ghai. It increases appetite, improves digestion, helps gaining weight and fights anorexia nervosa.

If you miss a dose of CravoZap Syrup, it is usually okay to take it when you remember. But if it is almost time for the next one, just skip it and stick to your normal times. Do not double up the dose to catch up on the one you missed.

Usual recommended dose of CravoZap Syrup is 2-3 teaspoons three times for adults and 1-2 teaspoons three times for children.

CravoZap Syrup is formulated to increase appetite, improve digestion, help gaining weight and fight anorexia nervosa.

Ghai Homoeo Remedies manufactured CravoZap Syrup as per formulation of Dr. N. K. Ghai who has 47 years clinical experience. CravoZap Syrup is safe, suitable for both sex, for all age groups.

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