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Ovarian Revive Drop

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Ovarian Revive Drops

Ovarian Cyst Drops

For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition that affects women of reproductive age. It usually starts during adolescence, but symptoms may fluctuate over time. PCOS can cause hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, excess androgen levels and cysts in the ovaries. Irregular periods, usually with a lack of ovulation, can make it difficult to become pregnant. PCOS is a leading cause of infertility. PCOS symptoms can be improved through lifestyle changes, medications and fertility treatments. The cause of PCOS is unknown but women with a family history or type 2 diabetes are at higher risk.


Irregular menstrual cycles. Ovarian cysts. Elevated levels of male hormones (androgens) can cause symptoms such as acne, hirsutism (excessive hair growth), and male-pattern baldness.

Weight gain or difficulty losing weight: PCOS is often associated with obesity or difficulty losing weight, particularly around the abdomen.Infertility.


Conventional treatment - Lifestyle modifications, Oral contraceptives, Metformin, 

Homeopathic remedies to support ovarian health, regulate menstrual cycles, and balance hormonal levels. 


Aurum muriaticum natronatum, Carbo animalis, Calcarea fluorica, Conium maculatum, Calcarea carbonica, Kalium iodatum, Natrum sulphuricum


Irregular menstruation. Amenorrhea.  Heavy bleeding, long standing or intermittent flow. Pain in lower abdomen and back. Acne or oily skin. Excessive hair on the face or body. Hair thinning. Gradual weight gain. Infertility.


Adult: 15 drops two times daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition that affects women of reproductive age.

Common symptoms of PCOS include irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts, acne, hirsutism, male-pattern baldness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight - particularly around the abdomen, infertility.

What if you forget to take the Ovarian Revive Drop?

If you miss a dose of Ovarian Revive Drop, it is usually okay to take it when you remember. But if it is almost time for the next one, just skip it and stick to your normal times. Do not double up the dose to catch up on the one you missed.

Usual recommended dose of Ovarian Revive Drop is 15 drops two times daily.

Ovarian Revive Drop helps in managing irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, heavy bleeding, long standing or intermittent flow, pain in lower abdomen and back, acne or oily skin, excessive hair on the face or body.

Ghai Homoeo Remedies manufactured Ovarian Revive Drop as per formulation of Dr. N. K. Ghai who has 47 years clinical experience. Ovarian Revive Drop is safe for all women.

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